Want to Help Test a New E-Liquid Calculator?

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    Jan 15, 2019
    We're looking for anyone's who's interested in making vape juice to test out our new mixing calculator. It's completely free - make as many recipes as you want and save them under your profile. To view recipes is free, to build recipes just requires that you sign up.

    We plan on releasing really cool new features in the near future and would love feedback.

    We hope you enjoy the tool and happy mixing!


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    Nov 15, 2018
    I signed up and tried this and had several problems. It did not find my concentrate flavor by name when I did a search. I'm using my smartphone and when I clicked on the search button which is a magnifying glass, nothing happened.

    I had to go on and treat it like it was an unknown.. and then find Mom and Pop vapor shop.. and click on it, and then name the flavor- & the name of it is OMG, but then I got an error message telling me that the name of the flavor had to be at least three digits-and it WAS three digits!

    Also, if you hit the back button, it did not take me back to where I was.. and I lost everything that I entered from the mixing page, everything that I had put on that page was gone.. and I had to put it in a couple of times.

    Then I did not see any EASY way to save my recipe, and it did not give me any recipe ingredient's amounts in milliliters, that part was just blank. It did give me the grams.

    I also did find it a little confusing on the mixing page when it asked about the kind of nicotine you use, because it said that I was putting 100 mg per milliliter, which means per 1 ml to me, and I tried adjusting it to 1 milligram.. since that would be to one milliliter, by the way it read, and went back and saw that my measurements were crazy and that was not right.. so I had to change it back to 100 mget per ml.. when it's actually 100mg to 100 ml per the bottle, and I was never able to save it.

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