VAPTIO SOLO F1 Review - Not A POD system but Small like one.

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    Jan 4, 2019
    I understand it might not be for everyone. But I'm putting it out there, maybe someone will like this option better to POD systems.

    I'm use to using POD systems only. But this was a real treat in Vaping Im enjoying!

    So If you're thinking about steping-up your Vape experience from POD systems to "Real SUB Ohm Vaping" for better flavor and/or more Vapor production. But still want a nice smaller device. This will deliver it for you - no problem.

    The Wattage and volts are non-adjustable just like POD systems also. So you'll have to keep it charged up. But if you're using POD systems you're doing that anyways.

    No air flow adjustment either. But you can tweak the air flow with the ban that comes with it. It fits snug and perfect to limit the air flow if you don't like it wide open all the time (see picture below)

    Since it is a Sub-Ohm device with coils rated to 0.25 Ohms and it will hit at 50 Watts when fully charged. You will probably want to use Regular Nic e-juice with it. I wouldn't use it with high MG Nic salt e-juice.

    That ET Auto Kit in the size comparison photo is also a Vaptio Product and both preform and are high quality products - No worries there. Shipping is a tad slow but as expected from China and customs into the USA.

    The Solo F1 Kit is a REAL step up from POD devices. So please find other sources of knowledge, reviews and information about proper use, care and e-juice products to use in it.

    I was able to fill it to 2.5+ ml of juice. :inlove:And it has a 10 Minute automatic shut off which is a blessing. Since Im not use to shutting off my POD devices it's probably saved me from firing when in my pocket a few times already. :giggle:

    You can also Vape with the dust cap on. Or take it off and it will secure to the bottom like a magnet.

    Vape on!

    Tank Capacity: 2.0ml
    Battery: Solo F1 Built-in 1650mAh
    With 2 - 0.25ohm Frogman-X2 coils
    Output Wattage: 50W Max



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