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Discussion in 'How do I get started?' started by MyMagicMist, Mar 11, 2019.

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    Don't want to unload a bundle of shiny on an RDA to get into dripping, or squonking? Not sure which RDAs out can suit a newbie to using RDAs?

    What I'm here to do is offer you a suggested RDA that can you up and running quickly. It builds rather easily with holes in its posts that seem to be 2 mm in diameter. The juice well seems to be 2 to 3 mm high, that may not seem much but it will more than suffice to let you get into using RDAs.

    This is not a suggestion to get a Velocity v2 or a clone of it. A while back that may have been the case. I have located something a little better since then. I can suggest it for veterans of vaping the same as offering it as a solution to newbies to RDAs.

    The RDA in question is called the U.S. 1 V2 , but I think it can also be called a Trinity deck. Trinity Glass Hardware has come up with a really nice designed RDA deck. It has loads of air flow, or you can draw it up tight for restricted direct lung hitting. Not too sure it will suit your needs if you want to do mouth to lung hitting. You might try it and find it works, or it may not. I direct lung hit and have somewhat forgotten how to mouth hit.

    This is in part why I suggest trying the clone from Fast Tech first. They're selling it for a real nice price, no forklift needed to haul out your wallet or purse. If you like it, you may then want to go on and spend a fair bit more for an authentic over at Trinity Glass Hardware. You of course, also may want to try other RDAs. These are being suggested to help you find your way. You might try these and be driven back to RTAs, or tanks as most call them.

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