SMOK Alien Kit or EXO Skeleton ES300,which better ?

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    Jan 9, 2017
    SMOK Alien 220w TC Starter Kit is one of bestselling 220w kit by SMOK and till now, SMOK Alien Kit was still
    super hot. While the EXO Skeleton ES300 is a new introducted high wattage vape setup by Wismec and incoming.Buy SMOK Alien 220w Starter Kit or wait buy Wismec EXO Skeleton ES300,which better ? Let's check the comparisonbetween them .

    Alien 220w Kit or EXO Skeleton ES300 Kit

    1.Developed by different famous vaping team.
    2.Power output : SMOK Alien TC Kit was 220w, the E3S300 Kit was 200w or 300w with two or three 18650 cells.
    3.Battery required : SMOK Alien Kit need 2 x 18650 batteries,while the Wismec ES300 Starter Kit need two or three 18650 batteries.
    4.SMOK Alien 220W Kit with more colors available.
    5.eJuice capacity : Alien Kit was 3mL,the Wismec ES300 TC Kit was 2.8mL.
    6.eJuice filling : EXO Skeleton ES300 has Intuitive Slide-Top Liquid Fill with Creative Child Lock System,while
    the Alien kit was top filling.
    7.ES300 With Flip-open Battery Cover and can be served as a Power Bank for Reverse Charging.
    8.SMOK Alien 220w Kit is portable than ES300.
    9. Resistance Range : ES300 Kit was 0.05-1.5ohm for TC modes, 0.1-3.5ohm for VW mode,alien kit was
    0.1Ω-3Ω (VW) / 0.06Ω-2Ω (TC).

    So,if you wanna a portable but powerful kit,then you can buy SMOK Alien 220w Starter Kit,this is a super
    hot kit in the marketplace,launched for ages,tested by many users with many good reviews and the price is
    affordable too. But if you wanna a unique and cool high wattage kit,then you can wait for a moment and give
    Wismec EXO Skeletion ES300 Starter Kit a shot.
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    I'll take the one with the crappy paint, over the one that melts :teehee:

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