Serpent Elevate by Wotofo & SuckMyMod Review - Flavorful Top Airflow

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    Serpent Elevate by Wotofo and SuckMyMod


    The Serpent Elevate, a collaboration between Wotofo and YouTube vape reviewer, SuckMyMod (SMM) is a single coil, 24mm, top airflow RTA. It has a postless, recurve-style build deck with a breakthrough air splitting structure on it. Not forgetting to mention that it is a leak-resistance RTA because it has a top airflow system. There are many top airflow RTA in the market where some of them don't perform as well and some of them do, such as the juggerknot mini. How well does the Serpent Elevate RTA performs with its innovative air splitting structure as well as its wicking and flavor production? To find out more, let me explain and show you some of the pictures I took below.

    P.S. I really love the Wotofo's packaging. Everything is so presentable, especially the Serpent logo at the back of the box! Good job, Wotofo!

    Beautiful Serpent Elevate Logo


    Diameter ( base ) : 24 mm
    Height ( including drip tip ) : 46 mm
    Weight : 62 g
    Capacity : 3.5 ml ( straight glass ) / 4.5 ml ( bubble glass )


    Stainless Steel
    Gun Metal


    1 x Serpent Elevate
    1 x Bubble Glass
    1 x Frosted 810 Drip Tip
    1 x 510 Drip Tip Adapter
    1 x Coil Trimming Tool
    2 x 0.33 Ohm Framed Staple Clapton Coil
    2 x 3 mm Agleted Cottons
    6 x O Rings
    4 x Flat Head Screws
    1 x Flat Head Screwdriver
    1 x Hex Screwdriver
    1 x User Manual

    Serpent Elevate Packaging

    In The Box


    Outer Appearance

    The Serpent Elevate comes with a nice resin drip tip already installed. The colors may vary depending on the color of the RTA. A frosted drip tip is provided if you aren't a fan of the included resin drip tip. If you don't like both, you can add your own drip tip. It is a top fill design so you will need to unscrew the top cap. There are 2 kidney fill ports and they are not the biggest fill port but good enough to fill up the tank. On the airflow control ring, snake skin design is placed on the airflow ring for better grip and the texture of it feels good. Both the straight glass and bubble glass looks great on it. Below the build deck has a nice serpent design and I am really digging it and is really nice to take photos of it.

    Snake Skin Design On AFC Ring

    Inner Appearance

    The build deck is a recurve-styled build deck and it is elevated up high. There are 2 airflow openings on each sides of the build deck. One side has a peek insulator which is made out of German peek insulator. Inside the chamber there is a small opening surrounding it and that is for letting the air to pass through from the top airflow. Chamber is a little domed which helps to increase the flavor.

    Elevated Build Deck


    The Serpent Elevate was pretty well made. The texture of it is smooth but is a little fingerprint magnet as mine is in gun metal color. Threading are smooth on the 510, and screwing and unscrewing of the RTA. O-rings restrictions are held on well without it being too tight or too loose. When it first came out of the box, no machining oil or whatsoever can been seen. Interior of it is smooth and clean, goes the same for the build deck. Hex screws did not strip on me once and they have been securing the coils strongly.


    The Serpent Elevate is made out of 6 different parts: Build deck, glass tank, chamber connected to the top fill ports and airflow, airflow control ring, top cap and drip tip. No confusing parts or special tools are required to disassemble the RTA. Since there are 6 different parts, it will take more time to clean each and every single part but it won't take much much of a time since every part is easily accessible. Filling the tank up is easy as the fill ports are inside so you can refill it with a peace of mind without needing to worry that the ejuice will flow out. Tension of the AFC ring is just nice. It won't unscrew out of my mod when turning it.

    Overall Look Of The Serpent Elevate


    The Serpent Elevate has a recurve-styled build deck where there the shape of it, the post holes and airflow placement are similar. The build deck is quite spacious so it is easy to build on it. The 4 post holes allows your clockwise and anti-clockwise wrapped coils to be placed either ways and also, made for easier installation. There are 2 airflow holes on each side of the build deck to ensure air hits the coils from 2 sides. Placement of the hex screw is great, no obstruction when installing of coils.

    Recurve Styled Build Deck


    The Serpent Elevate can only put a single coil and is obviously a single coil RTA. You can either use your own coil or the provided coils in the packaging. A coil trimming tool is provided and if I'm not wrong, the newer batches will have a coiling rod instead of the trimming tool for copyright reasons. Either way it still works the same. I hope more companies will provide a measuring rod in the packaging for a postless RTA / RDA so it will be easier for newer rebuilders. Good job, Wotofo and SMM!

    Coil Trimming Tool - Insert the coil into the marked measurement ( 6 mm ) and snip off the excess legs on the opposite side.

    Coiling Rod - Insert the coil into the rod, align the coil leg to the shorter side of the rod. Snip the excess legs off but still aligning to the rod.

    Place the coils on either sides of the post holes depending on which way your wrap your coils and screw it down. Adjust the coils and finally, remove the hot spots.


    Wicking - Cotton I am using is Cotton Bacon Prime. You can use the provided agleted cotton for easier installation. Insert the cotton into the coil, measure it aligning to the threading of of the wicking hole, and snip it off. Fluff out the cotton a little if you find that you have too much cotton. Insert the cotton into the wicking holes and ensure that one side of your tweezers is able to stick in between the cotton and the wicking hole. The Serpent Elevate wicks great and I am able to chain vape it without experiencing any dry hits!

    Airflow - The Serpent Elevate has one of the smoothest top airflow RTA I have tried, IMO. It has a "Breakthrough Air Splitting Structure and Scientific Air Redirecting System". The top airflow is angled down which I think helps to smooth out the airflow. The air will enter from the top airflow, passes through the walls of the chambers, then enters through both the air holes from each side and hitting the coils from all 3 directions. The airflow is smooth all across the board and it doesn't whistle nor loud. It has a restricted draw which is too my liking.

    Airflow Holes On Side Of Build Deck

    "Breakthrough Air Splitting Structure and Scientific Air Redirecting System"

    Flavor and Vapor Production - Flavor coming out from this top-airflow RTA is truly amazing. I am not a huge fan of top airflow RTA because my experience with it wasn't great. After trying the Serpent Elevate, I am really WOW-ed by the flavor it produced. I have wicked it several times and I didn't get any muted flavors out of it.
    Vapor production is not bad, not the biggest vapor production I have seen from a single coil RTA, but it isn't that bad after all!


    The Serpent Elevate is a 24mm base, top airflow and leak-resistant RTA. It looks aesthetically good on the outer appearance and looks even better on my mods especially the Revenger X. I'm digging the serpent logo on both the box and under the base. The build quality is great; threading and o-ring tension, everything is good. The Serpent Elevate is a user-friendly RTA. Although it has 6 different parts, it is easy to use and easy to clean. The recurve style build deck made installation of coils easier no matter which way your coil is wrapped. The provided trimming tool is extremely handy for everyone when it comes to postless build deck. This RTA wicks really well and allows you to chain vape without getting any nasty dry hits. Overall, the Serpent Elevate gives out spot on flavor and good vapor production due to its innovative "Breakthrough Air Splitting Structure and Scientific Air Redirecting System" design. It ensure the air gets into contact with every single part of your coil, except the top. On top of that, it has a very smooth and satisfying air flow. The Serpent Elevate truly has a flavorful top airflow, IMO.

    If I lose the Serpent Elevate today, will I get another one for myself tomorrow? I would definitely buy a few more for myself. It is seriously good!


    - Flavorful Top Airflow
    - Smooth Airflow
    - Innovative Airflow
    - Build Quality
    - Spacious Build Deck
    - Able To Put Coil On Either Side
    - Wicks Great
    - Coil Trimming Tool Provided
    - Coils and Agleted Cottons Provided


    - Fingerprint Magnet ( Nit Picking )
    - Drip Tip Opening Too Small ( Nit Picking )

    Thank you for taking the time to read my review on the Serpent Elevate RTA, a collaboration between Wotofo and SuckMyMod. This is TheOneVape_Review, signing off.

    DISCLAIMER: All the vape products I reviewed are not sponsored by any companies or shops. I will only give my honest opinion on what I know of. All pictures posted in my threads are purely taken by me and only me. Do not use any of my pictures without permission
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