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Which is the best brand

  1. Innokin

  2. Aspire

  3. SMOK

  4. Eleaf

  5. Joyetech

  6. Kangertech

  7. Halo

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  1. emm4

    emm4 New Member

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    Jun 11, 2018
    Hello Everyone,
    I'm wondering if you lovely people would help me out and give me some suggestions because even after a year I'm still not able to find a ecig that is either reliable or suited.
    My story is I gave up smoking after about 18 years and went onto vaping about 1.5 years ago, initially I tried the Endure T18, then went onto the T22 both were good however battery power and throat hit just didnt hit the spot so I went and purchased a Aspire Zelos - well big mistake first it went well I enjoyed having the control of temp, visable battery level however I did have two first one the coils kept getting stuck in the damn lid when unscrewing so sent it back to have a replacement this one did exactly the same thing apart from it also leaked from the air holes so I have given up on that completely as it made me actually want a real fag lol .... back onto my Endure T22 for the time being ...

    With regards to what I've said how I want long lasting battery, visable battery level and any other little functions can any of you suggest one that I can get, the pricing bracket is no more than £50 if that helps.
    Heard good things about the Innokin Zenith but again I really am not sure...

    Be great if you could help as I'm sure there are a lot of you out there way more advanced than me and have gone through all types.
    Thanks in advance

    p.s. sorry for the essay just wanted to give you as much information as possible.

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