Need help with wires & getting the right ohms with fused clapton builds

Discussion in 'Ask An Expert' started by blades_of_honor, Oct 10, 2018.

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    Apr 4, 2018
    I got a 22mm rda, skyfall. Will be using the large hole inserts, 3x1.9mm. Can post close up pics if needed. Waiting on a mod & batteries still(mail). I'm trying to figure out which wires & awg/ga to get. I do not have any metal allergies.

    Want to use fused clapton coils. I prefer cool to lightly warm vapes. Would like to have the inner diameter as large as possible without sacrificing rda's performance. And lastly, decent ramp up.

    I'm new with building. Understand ohm's law on paper, just haven't made anything before. Watched probably around 30 vids on fused clapton builds, even more on other claptons. Pretty sure I won't have a problem when it comes to building them(fused claptons). I just don't want to waste time & wire. So I thought I would get some feedback on what to use based on my preference of vape. I may use TC but probably not.

    Going off all the build vids I watched, it seems 26G SS & 36-40G Nichrome are the top picks for fused calptons. So I am kind of leaning on that a bit. I know I might struggle going with 40g, but i'll learn.
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    Jul 6, 2018

    the Skyfall is a single coil RDA, yes?

    If so, sounds like a solid setup. 5 Wraps at 3mm ID should land you at .2 ohms and 2.5mm ID should land you at .18 ohms.

    Pretty much my favorite ohm range for single coils. :D

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