Justfog minifit pod system

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    Oct 1, 2016
    Just got my Justfog Minifit last week. Wow this is the smallest ecig I have ever used that is not a cigalike. It is about half the size of the myjet and a bit thicker. It is not readily available yet, I got it from China. It is a 350 mah battery, the pods hold 1.5 ml of juice and 1.6 ohm. It also has 3 led lights to show how much battery you have left which I like. They are around 20 bucks a piece, they come with 1 pod and a usb. The vape is actually pretty nice. It is not as tight as the myjet, but it is not too lose for a good mtl draw and i love my mtl really tight. It is extemely easy to refill as it has a little door you open to fill it. I may order in a couple more if I can get use to the looser draw, I could see me losing it lol. I just love how easy it is to re-fill compared to the myjet. But so far, in my limited use, i have had no spit back and no leaking. I am getting about 5 re-fills per pod until I start to notice a flavor drop, but I am picky. So far very impressed. Its no easy to fill and I love the lights showing battery life. I got about 4 hours of heavy vaping the other night out of it. minifit.jpg minfit1.jpg
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