Hi there! I'm trying to get into the Vaping Market. Advice?

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  1. William621

    William621 New Member Unlisted Vendor

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    Aug 24, 2019
    Hi there! My name is William Thieu and i'm trying to get into the vape market. I don't really know much about vapes, but i would like some advice. I have a product that is fairly new in the vaping industry. What do you guys think about the specs of this and how it looks? any advice and feedback would be great.
    • imensions: 99.2mm*27.9mm*13.3mm (without pod installed)
    • 720mAh internal LiPo battery
    • Power output range: 5-20W
    • Temp control range: 212-600°F / 100-315°C
    • Adjustable firing cycle curve
    • Bluetooth companion app (available on Android and iOS)
    • Compatible with Pavinno Wing replacement pods
      • 2.5mL eliquid capacity
      • 1.2Ω ceramic heating element
      • Gold plated proprietary magnetic connection
    • Faux leather inlay
    • Zinc alloy chassis
    • LED battery status indicator
    • Short-circuit, low-voltage, overcharge, no-load, low-resistance, high-resistance, overtime, and overheat protection
    • Micro USB charging port
      • 1x Pavinno Wing pod system vape mod
      • 1x 1.2Ω Pavinno Wing ceramic replacement pod
      • 1x Micro USB cable
    Blue tooth application allows you to control the watts its set at, the amount of puffs a day, and has a child lock.

    I would like to sell this at 27.99 pounds. What do you guys think about the specs/features? I compared this to a rival (Juul) and realised some features of my vape are better.

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  2. lordmage

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    May 18, 2014
    in the usa it may not matter come may 2020 or when ever with the PMTA and the FDA. in the UK size may be fine with TPD but i am not a UK expert you may best be served by talking with https://ukvapers.org/ or some of are UK members if they want to address your request.

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