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    Aug 21, 2019
    Expromizer v4 is available in 3 colors:

    - Brushed
    - Polished
    - Black


    Height: 56mm
    Diameter: 23mm
    Tank capacity: 2ml
    Weight: 76g

    - Exvape Expromizer V4 RTA
    - Spare O Rings
    - Mini Screwdriver
    - Spare Screws
    - Spare Glass
    - Spare Mouthpiece/Tip



    When I first got eXpromizer v4 I was a little bit sceptic about it but I was very wrong. Machine quality is excellent. Threads are very well made and there’s absolutely no problem with screwing atomizer to the mod. On first sight expromizer looks like high end atomizer which certainly is for it’s price.

    If the yellow looking Acrylic isn’t quite your bag out of the box, you can swap those out for the clear glass and black tip. Certainly, an option for most people’s liking.


    Drip tip:

    With eXpromizer v4 you get a 2 piece drip tip. Yellow and black top so you can choose whatever you want. Drip tip is very comfortable and fits really tight with top cap. Holes are a bit narrow which fits perfectly with hole in the chimney.


    Top cap:

    The Expromizer V4 is a top-fill tank. The key thing to remember with this tank is that it has that liquid control setting built in, which means that you need to remember to close it off before filling it up or you’ll flood the tank. So to fill it up, just close the liquid control, screw off the top cap, and that’s it. There’s a lot of space here so you shouldn’t have problems with using any size of e-juice bottle.
    Top cap is very well done, threads are smooth so I didn’t have any problems with that. Top to bottom airflow is absolutely leak proof and that’s a big pro.


    Airflow control:

    The V4 has top airflow, designed to prevent leakage and according to Exvape, to appeal more to beginners. This is using top-to-bottom airflow, which is a familiar airflow system that has become popular with a lot of the newer top airflow tanks. The way this works is that it pulls in air from the top of the tank, transfers it down the sides of the inside of the chamber, and then it pulls it back up from the beneath the coil and through the chimney. It works really well and the flavor comes out pretty well. Each hole is 1mm in diameter, so you can really get a nice tight draw if you want. I found my sweet spot with 3 holes. Let me tell you, it’s really tight MTL like it’s supposed to be.

    Juice flow control:

    Juice flow control that lets you pick from up to 3 holes. My firs build I thinned the cotton out too much, and these let me compensate easily to avoid flooding. Gets as restricted as the Berserker, but lets you close off the juice flow when filling so no gurgling or flooding. It’s really important to close juice flow control completely when refilling.


    The deck on the eXpromizer V4 is super easy to build on. You only have a small amount of space to place your coil and cotton, but the deck doesn’t feel cramped and lacking space at all despite its small size. I tried to put micro clapton in there 2.5mm around 1ohm and that was absolutely a fail. Vapor was to hot, flavor was so mixed up that I couldn’t recognize any note of my liquid. So I found perfect build for myself which is regular kanthal wire 28ga on 2.5mm, 5wraps. Vapor is cooler and flavor is amazing. Really enjoyable vape on tobacco liquids.




    - Excellent MTL flavour
    -Very easy to build on
    - Super easy to wick
    - Very Smooth Airflow
    - MTL Air Configuration for All
    - Excellent Design
    - Color choice of drip tip and glass

    - A little bit heavy
    -2ml juice capacity (you can buy 4ml extension but I would prefer that extension is included with atomizer)

    Final verdict:

    With a rebuildable deck and the Liquid Control, this will probably cater more to advanced vapers, but it’s really not all that complicated to use. Even a begginers can wick it properly without fear of leaking or flooding. You can see the Liquid Control while you’re setting it, and the draw is perfectly designed for tight draws. It still has great wicking and the flavor is really good. The best MTL tank I think I’ve ever used as far as flavor and performance goes actually, so in my opinion, this is a must-buy and worth every penny.

    You can check it here for best deal.

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