Do I have these right? (Coil build help)

Discussion in 'Charts' started by rxmilitia, Feb 8, 2018.

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    Nov 25, 2015
    alright so I’ve made about 20 practice coils this past week, Ending up with ranges from .3 ohms to .5 (I’ve been running premade coils for months just now getting into building).

    I decided to download a coil app (coil builder on the App Store) and I want to make sure I’m putting in everything right

    Here’s what I’ve put in the app. But am I doing this right? Is it 26awg Kanthal A1/AMP wrapped in 32awg SS 316L or the opposite?

    I don’t understand what the X3 means in “AWG 26GAx3” do I put the 26GA in 3 times?? So confused lol
    (See photos below for what wire I’m using)


    And here is the wire I have

    C576FE75-B32B-498C-BC2D-365516D335EA.jpeg 7BA8915E-5FE4-4E1C-AF6C-B7CF6DDC8B00.jpeg DCDA3E60-7CEF-48F5-9B88-860FDCC38A8A.jpeg
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    Jan 15, 2018
    "x3" means you have a wire with 3 cores of kanthal and 1 wire around/wrapped of stainless steel. (send me a pm) if you need help. the vape tool app it´s very easy to use.

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