Canada Bill S-5 SOCI Meetings/Interviews

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    Jul 12, 2016
    Whether you know it or not Vaping in Canada is being regulated on a Federal level, to dumb it down a bit at this point the bill was sent to it's second reading and a comity was formed to create a regulatory framework for vapor products or what they call "electronic cigarettes"

    You can read the bill here

    The SOCI Comity has begun interviews and already has had 3 meetings with industry experts, health organizations, health experts and more..

    You can watch the official recordings of the meetings/interviews here


    If any Canadians are wondering which way the regulations may end up in Canada I really suggest to watch each of them and form your own opinions, personally I see some members of the comity starting to come around but it's hard to tell which way they will go with regulations at this point.

    Plain packaging for Tobacco products has also been lumped into this bill as well so it's kind of a mish mash of both...
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