AXIAL RDA by Unicorn Vapes, a design by Mass Mods

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    I Purchased this from for personal use, and have been so smitten by it, that I decided to give it a write up.

    After using the goon day in and day out for over 2 years, I have been looking for a replacement or upgrade. I came across this and figured I would go ahead and give it a shot. I am so glad I did. This has officially taken the place of the goon as my all day rda.

    This postless, 23mm rda came in a pouch with a set of spare o-rings, spare post screws, squonk pin, 810 delrin drip tip and color matching metal drip tip, 510 drip tip adapter and a beauty ring, taking it out to 25mm.

    upload_2019-2-19_23-28-2.png upload_2019-2-19_23-28-9.png

    I opted for the gold plated version, but it also comes in Polished stainless steel and polished black.

    The finish brings me to a con or pro, depending on your point of view. While it is shinier than the surface of the sun, it is also highly susceptible to finger prints and smudges.

    I swapped out the gold 810 driptip for delrin; because, while I do like the way the gold looked, it would get a little warm when chain vaping at higher wattages.

    The rda is short at 23mm high excluding 510 and driptip.

    It has clean lines, and zero branding on the exterior of the rda with the exception of the topcap and underside. It is exceptionally tasteful, and classy looking. It also has a locking feature, allowing the deck to lock in place, and aid in removing the atty from the mod.

    upload_2019-2-19_23-29-29.png upload_2019-2-19_23-29-33.png

    The topcap has “UNICORN VAPES INC” engraved under the drip tip; as you can see the bottom has the unicorn logo, mass mods and unicorn vapes engraved.

    You can also see that 510 pin is protruding enough for a hybrid. (it is shown with the silver 510 pin; which is an additional purchase).

    The airflow on this rda is part of what makes this one of the more versatile rdas out there. It has three 1.5mm airholes for more of a restricted lung hit or an 8mm X 2mm cyclopse slot which is sure to please all of those that want massive air and ample direct lung. You can freely adjust between the airflow options as you see fit. Personally I tend to use the cyclopse slot about 1/3 of the way closed.

    upload_2019-2-19_23-30-20.png upload_2019-2-19_23-30-26.png

    The build deck is the other place that lets this rda show its versatility. It has a cutout on the deck allowing you to access the post screw with ease. This slot also acts as a guide and helps to prevent your driver from slipping out of the screw head. It is setup in such a way that you can use it with either a single or a dual coil build. For a single coil I have used 3.5 and 4mm id both rendering nice results. For dual coil I tend to alternate between 3mm id and 3.5 mm id…. Both of these also have great results. I find that the 3mm id tends to work just a bit better with the 3 airhole option, while the 3.5mm id appears to prefer the cyclopse slot.

    Contributing to the flavor is coil placement and the reduced chamber. The internal diameter of the rda is only 18mm, and the coils are only about 7.5mm away from the driptip. The juice well is a generous 8mm deep. The entire chamber is roughly 10mm high 18mm Diameter.

    Squonking … this may be the primary shortcoming of the rda. It works, as a double edge sword. The airflow is set hight, so its hard to oversquonk. However, because the airflow is set high, the coil has to be set high also; which means, you are dependant on capillary action or filling the rda with squonk.

    When building, I have been cutting my legs around 6-6.5mm, this is leaving quite a bit of wick needing to be fed for squonking.

    In the end, I’ve been using this as a dripper regardless. The coil placement and airflow tend to appeal more to dripping (in my houmble opinion) anyway. With both dual or single coil, your coils are directly under the driptip, and the airflow is coming directly in their path. This is leading to both tremendous airflow and excellent vapor production


    Building on this was a slight learning curve. It took a few tries to get the leg length nailed down. As you can see the postholes are shared by both coils, this led to a bit of trial and error on the best way to accomplish this without getting them tangled so to speak. I ended up leaving one with the build rod inserted and the other without. After screwing down the post it was easy to adjust the coils as I saw fit.

    For single coil, I found to get the best results by setting the coil at an angle so that each side is near the airflow.

    It looks like the question of, “how does it vape?” has been answered. But to more of a point, very flavorful, and quite cloudy … should I want it that way. It can also be simply flavorful and a little less power demanding and less cloudy, should you so desire. With a smaller build, and the airflow set to the holes, a dual coil build becomes a flavor machine. I will caution that simple round wire can be tricky to set in the post holes. The round wire has a tendency to want to slip around the post screw. However; since most poeople have moved into Clapton’s and the like, it’s almost a moot point, but does need mentioning.

    upload_2019-2-19_23-31-27.png upload_2019-2-19_23-31-37.png

    build quality is second to none, and what I would expect from something costing twice as much
    overall performance
    high shine
    easy to build on once you get the hang of it
    versatility and able to do several vape styles, extremely well.
    Loves “fancy and exotic” builds

    high shine
    need for capillary wicking action if used as a bottom feed atomizer
    Does not work well with round wire

    For more information this item can be seen:
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    Nice review. It's my favorite dripper.

    Available are optional colored barrels with cap, as well as optional ultem or black delrin slam caps.
    You can customize your look or matchy. :)
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    Great review. It is a great RDA. IF you're even slightly on the fence just buy it. Unicorn Vapes is making some really good stuff.
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    Enjoyed the review, thank you.
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    great write up mate!’s on the wish list
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