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    Dec 23, 2016
    Hi Folks,

    My first venture into vaping comprised of a cigalike, and to say it wasn’t the greatest of experiences would be an understatement, lack of a decent hit, awful tasting flavours, a dodgy underrated charger that was later recalled etc etc ……So what has any of this got to do with the product in hand I hear you ask, well fast forward a couple of years and my second, this time successful, venture into vaping was with the SMOK TFV4. This later led me onto the Beast sub ohm tank line.

    To this day the Beast line is arguably one of the most popular choices for new vapers. It’s really this perhaps long winded opening that leads me to this review because along comes Vaptio (and its sister company VivaKita) with SMOK firmly in their sights.

    What’s the N1 Pro kit all about then?

    Vaptio previously released the N1 Pro 240w mod as a standalone with the intention of pairing it with their Turbo-L RDTA, however their plans later changed and they went with the Frogman Sub ohm tank instead. My guess is it allowed them to target SMOK’s corner of the market with a viable alternative choice.

    So with that lot out of that way, Vaptio sent me this for review and said they have released it in what looks to me a bizarre range of options;
    1. 2ml Frogman with the 2/3 battery mod (both doors available with it)
    2. 5ml Frogman with the 2/3* battery mod (*only 2 battery door comes with the 5ml Lite kit at least the one I received did)
    3. 2ml Lite kit with the 2/3 battery mod (only 2 battery door comes with the kit)
    Confusing right? Well you’re not alone. In my opinion Vaptio should have just two options (5ml and 2ml)! And both should come with the mod and have 2 and 3 battery doors included, that’s it done.

    I’ve been told (at the time of this review) there is no ability to purchase the 3 battery door via aftermarket should you happen to choose the “Lite” kit so bear that in mind. I do firmly believe it’s in the 3 battery configuration the N1 shines, albeit with a hefty weight to it.

    I reviewed the N1 pro a little while back and this mod is the same just with a different colour. Should you want to know more you can find my full review here;

    I have found the paintwork to be less durable on the white model compared with the black and red, so Vaptio should keep an eye on that in future products. Colour aside I’ve been actively using the N1 Pro for nearly 3 months now and have nothing bad to report, it’s still a solid performer.

    3E3BF9D7-9D60-409C-AC3F-096201EE2E5E.jpeg 69882261-3515-497C-A8DF-FF043BC9D325.jpeg

    So if I’m not going to review the Mod what’s the point of writing this particular review then? Well back to my opening really, the Frogman(s).

    I did ask Vaptio for the back story as to the crazy name, to date I’ve still never pinned down exactly where it came from. The only thing I can think of is the top cap makes a croak or spring tension noise when I tighten it after a refill. Whether that was by design or not who knows.

    What's included in the Lite Kit?


    1. N1 Pro 200W (2 battery door only)
    2. 5ml Frogman Tank
    3. Spare glass
    4. USB cable
    5. Instruction Manual

    From here on out I’ll go through and compare both the 5ml and 2ml (which I received separately a while back - it did not come in the kit)

    Tank Size Comparison and Specs

    5ml followed by (2ml differences in brackets)
    • Height 56mm (54mm)
    • Diameter 26.5mm (23.5mm)
    • Airflow slot: 3
    • Glass tank: Pyrex
    • Drip Tip: Delrin
    • Filling: Top fill with a quarter turn quick release system
    • Coil Compatibility: Also use Smok Baby and Big Baby beast coils.
    • Coils included with kit or tank: W2 - 0.4 ohm (Smok Q2) and W8 – 0.15 ohm (Smok T8)
    • Other coils available Separately: W4 – 0.15 ohm (Smok X4) and W6 – 0.2 ohm (Smok T6)
    • Coil Material: Kanthal
    Build Impressions

    Both tanks are very well built much more so than the beast tank I’ve got. Other than the company name on the top cap and logo printed on the glass I really like the styling of these.

    Positive Points I picked up on

    • Threading is fantastic on both
    • When assembled all parts have good tolerances, no wobbles or gaps where there shouldn’t be!
    • Top cap is spring loaded, quarter twist to open and close – both of mine developed a croak noise after prolonged use although more so on the 2ml
    • Vaptio Logo is deeply engraved into the top cap providing grip as well as styling
    • Decent sized kidney shaped refill ports, can accommodate twist top nozzles at a push on the 2ml if you lean it when filling.
    • Decent thick pyrex glass sections, and spares included should you manage to break it.
    • AFC ring is as thick as a wedding band, it has a stop which helps with undoing the base of the atomiser. There is very little vertical play from it.
    • Positive pin sits proud on both.
    • Both tanks break down into 5 pieces (you can also remove the positive pin as well so 6)
    • Thick milled parts used. These tanks are not lightweight the 5ml with coil and juice loaded is going to take you into the 82g territory (2 ml 65g)
    • Both support same coils Smok Baby and Big Baby beast coil as well as their own brand versions.
    • Zero leaking from either after weeks of use or left sitting. (always check the rubber gaskets on your premade coils though)



    • 5ml has a cut out in the top cap where its stock drip tip fits into. If you use your own 510 drip tip it’ll look odd and be uncomfortable. This isn’t the case on the 2ml it doesn’t have this same recess.
    • The drip tips are finished differently. With the 5ml version it looks to be 2 pieces later stuck together, whereas the 2ml was a single mould. Also the outside taper is different between the two with the 5 ml being more comfortable to use.
    • The 5ml has a child proof rubber seal under the juice fill port. This has to be pushed out of the way with a refill nozzle, 2 ml tank doesn’t have this although the later models might now include this as standard. It’s something Vaptio or Vivakita seem to do on a lot of their tanks.
    • Sizes are different – yes let’s state the obvious! - Although the drip tips between the two are interchangeable everything else is not.

    Negative points I picked up on

    • 5ml gets condensation collection under the drip tip (where the recess was on the top cap). This is only noticeable after a few days of vaping though
    • It’s difficult to disassemble after using these as the heat seems to make the refill ring stiffen onto the top of the coil, so it does take some careful persuasion to remove.
    • I did notice a little bit of stripping of the logo on the clear glass section in the ultrasonic cleaner.
    • These need a thorough cleaning when new, actually even after cleaning for some time there is a taste of residual machine oil. I’m assuming here this is the top cap where the spring is housed. This affects flavour to begin with, I could only make it go after a few strip cleans and juice running through the tank.
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    Dec 23, 2016
    Coil Report

    8782C5DF-FD26-47CB-9D2B-3B802E992F81.jpeg BA246F9E-C44E-4500-B1C2-170EE223DC37.jpeg A336E3F6-89C1-4688-AAD9-0D18FEAAE5D4.jpeg

    Both tank options come with and utilise exactly the same coils. I vaped using the N1 Pro, using 75% VG with the AFC closed roughly half way on both

    W8 Coil
    Rated 50 W-110W, Best Between 60W-80W according to the manufacturer

    I settled on 86w on both tanks as it had the best balance of flavour, vape temperature especially with a slightly restricted lung hit which I prefer. This coil lasted me about a week and half in all before it burnt out and lasted longer on the 5ml at over 2 weeks.

    W2 Coil
    Rated 30W - 80W, best between 45W-65W according to the manufacturer

    Settled on 73W for this coil it had best balance of flavour, temperature and cloud for me. It did surprisingly well above the recommended range which is unusual for these types of coils. The coil lasts about 2 weeks in all and went longer (over 2 weeks) on the 5ml out of the two.
    The Frogman really is a "Direct Lung" clouds first tank. It’ll kick out some really dense vapour for the size of the stock coils, however the downside is both drink juice pretty quickly, and is ever more noticeable on the 2ml version especially using the W8 coils.

    Whilst flavour is subjective these are above average in line with what your get out of the beast. The draw is really smooth and has a nice restriction with the airflow control half way open. I’d describe this as a clouds first atomiser although when you use the W2 coil it does make a big difference to the flavour pushing it the other way.

    There is a little flavour loss when using the 5ml over the 2ml version but the payoff being coils seem to last longer and you have to refill less often.

    If I were to pick between the two I’d choose the 5ml tank and stick with the W2 coil. I remember getting this tank back in a pre production state and saying to them at the time it would be great to see this in a 5ml size and to me it makes all the difference not having to refill so often.

    Final Conclusion

    When I gave up smoking, using a tank with clouds was important to me to get over the initial craving hump, the reason being I hated a harsh throat hit, and I wanted the fulfilment you only get from decent flavour and plumage. These tanks would have fitted the bill perfectly for me over the beast, especially with their build quality being better. Make no mistake if you are’nt used to Direct Lung inhalation tanks like this it can be overwhelming at first, therefore aren’t advisable for everyone, especially when using higher nicotine levels. If you’ve ever tried the beast tank in a shop or a friends then you know what you are getting yourself into here.

    With regards to the N1 Pro mod, like I said earlier I’m 3 months in here and it works like a champ! But I will say again, I do prefer the 3 battery configuration out of the two options, something the lite version doesn’t have so you’ll need to select one of the other options for that.


    If you like to know more you can find the product info on the Vaptio website here:

    Thanks very much for reading. If you wanted to know anything don’t hesitate to ask, until next time KingPin!
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    That company makes some good looking stuff.
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    Dec 23, 2016
    Yeah they do and I’ve been impressed with Vaptios line up to date solid all rounders
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