Strawberries & Cream

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    Apr 11, 2016
    This is a recipe I've been making for 2 years & somehow I overlooked ever publishing it anywhere but ELR. I just realized this morning that I hadn't shared it here. I usually pair TFA Strawberry Ripe with about twice as much CAP Strawberry Sweet, but here I'm using it with INW Shisha Strawberry & the sometimes-hated (at least around here), FA Red Touch strawberry for a big strawberry flavor. I'll be mixing it again in January & it's pretty popular with a couple of my close friends as well.

    1.75% FLV Cream
    1.75% LA Cream Cheese Icing
    2.8% INW Shisha Strawberry
    1.75% INW Shisha Vanilla
    1.75% FA Red Touch (strawberry)
    4.5% TFA Strawberry Ripe
    4.5% CAP Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

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    Thank you
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