Special: IRLB3034PBF MOSFETs, usually for unregulated mods

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    Dec 23, 2014
    I managed to get several hundred IRLB3034PBF MOSFET's from an authorized distributor via the US supply chain at lower than normal prices. I'll make these available to people here during the next month or when that inventory runs out for $1.95 each plus shipping (around $3 for up to 4oz's in the US, more for international orders). If you need it, I can also include the 15k pull down resistor if you ask for it.

    The IRLB3034PBF is a TO-220 through hole MOSFET used in many unregulated builds and some home brew PWM builds.

    Contact me directly to arrange PayPal orders so I can get you an accurate shipping price I'll need the qty & destination address.
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