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    The Smoant Pasito is the latest pod system from Smoant. But, the Pasito is more than just a pod. Smoant are one of the the first to release to a rebuildable pod system that not only does mouth to lung, but also offers a mesh coil and adjustable airflow for direct to lung vaping.


    • Power Output: 10-25W
    • Battery Capacity: 1100mAh
    • Juice Capacity: 3ml
    • Resistance Range: 0.3-3Ω
    • Size: 102 x 38 x 18mm
    • Material: Aluminum
    • Charge Current: 5V/1A
    • Coils: RBA, MTL Ni-80 1.4Ω, DTL Mesh 0.6Ω


    There are three types of coils available for the Pasito. Smoant, in the box includes one of each replaceable coil. The RBA however, does not come with the kit but is available for purchase separately. The Pasito has a 3ml juice capacity,

    MTL Coil
    Smoant have gone with a Ni-80 coil for superior flavour. The MTL coil is suitable for vaping on levels one and two. Flavour with nicotine salts is like nothing you’ve had before. Flavour and clouds much closer to the experience you get from an MTL RDA. As nicotine salt juices tend to use more flavouring you will find the flavour a lot stronger than other pod systems. The MTL coil is suitable for both nicotine and higher mg freebase juices.


    DTL Coil
    If you prefer direct lung vaping then you will enjoy this coils the most. You can vape your regular free-base nicotine juices with the 0.6Ω mesh coil. The mesh coil is suitable for vaping on levels three to five. I found level 5 was a little too powerful for the coil, if you are chain vaping you may get a slight burnt hit. I found that level four 20W was the best for this coil. Clouds are really impressive at such a low wattage and flavour is almost as good as a sub ohm tank.

    The rebuildable coil is where the Pasito really excels in terms of flavour and clouds. The RBA needs to be purchased separately. But, this is definitely worth buying for the convenience to now build your own pod coils. Smoant includes some high gauge Ni-80 wire with the RBA. You can use a 26g, but I found a 28-32g easier to use. You can fit a 2-2.5mm coil, but there is some bending of the coils legs required. It’s not the easiest deck to build on due to the small size, but it is manageable.


    The Smoant Pasito has a unique no leak airflow design that is also adjustable. You don’t have to worry about getting juice in your mouth with the Pasito. The airflow is well designed and allows for direct lung and mouth to lung draws. A small switch on top of the cartridge can be opened or closed. The airflow managed to remain free from condensation and juice buildup.


    Along with the larger power output of the Pasito the battery also has a much larger 1100mAh capacity to accommodate the higher power output. As with various other variable wattage pod systems, battery life is going to be relative to the wattage setting you are using. Using levels four and five with the DL coil your battery will drain much faster than with the MTL coil on a lower wattage setting. You can expect around 8 hours of moderate use. Charging takes a standard 50-60 minutes through the USB type-c port with the suggested 1A charge current.


    With a maximum of 25W the Pasito offers much more power than many of the pods currently out there. 25W with the sub ohm coil provides enough power and clouds for a satisfying vape. The coils and power output of these new AIO devices still can’t compete with a sub ohm tank on a mod. But they are still a great option for people wanting a compact device that is more powerful than just an average pod system. With constant power output, you don’t need to worry about vapour production and power dropping off as the battery drains.


    The Lost Vape Orion has influenced the design of many of the replaceable coil pod systems that are now coming onto the market. The designs also reflect the larger batteries that are now being used and the higher powered compact chips. While the overall shape and look is common, the panels have a unique abstract designs and a glossy fingerprint proof finish. The colours and designs make the Pasito an attractive looking pod.



    • The Pasito offers replaceable coils and sub ohm vaping on a pod.
    • With the RBA you can rebuild on this pod, one of the first on the market.

    • Coils for MTL and DL vaping, and the adjustable airflow make the Pasito and extremely versatile pod.

    • Flavour in a pod system has never been so good. The mesh coil does an incredible job of providing superior flavour and amazing clouds for such a low wattage. You really get the extreme full flavour of your nicotine salts.

    • The Smoant Pasito has constant power output, so your experience is the same through the charge cycle of the battery.

    • With the higher wattage output battery life isn’t going to last you as long as you might like. 1100mAh is generous but if you are exclusively using the Pasito it will still only last you about the same as a pod with half the capacity. This is one of the current drawbacks of sub ohm coil pods.
    • The only major con I had was with the RBA. The post design makes it a little tricky to build on. Having to bend your leads in a certain way to get them through the post holes can be extremely difficult if you are using a larger gauge wire. A notched design would have made coil installation easier. I didn’t have much luck with the included screwdriver and the super small Phillips head post screws on the RBA. It was hard to get a grip without stripping the screws or the screwdriver. Hex screws of flat heads would have been better.


    Bottom Line
    The Pasito is one of the first pods to be released with a rebuildable coil. In recent months more pod systems are now offering replaceable coils with a lower resistance. I don’t think these devices will replace sub ohm tanks, but it definitely is a huge step forward. I’m not sure if you can even call these pods now, as they really are an all in one device. The versatility of the Pasito is that it can be used to suit whatever style vaping you are into, this makes it a great little system for beginners as well as pod enthusiasts. I have really enjoyed using my Pasito.

    Often when I’m reviewing pods I’ll often be switching between the pod and my sub ohm setups. But, since I’ve been using the Pasito I’ve barely touched my other mods. I find the Pasito really satisfying to use. All of the coil options have provided amazing flavour and the most clouds that I’ve ever seen from a pod system. For pod flavour, the Pasito is hands down a 10/10. Whether you are using the DL, MTL, or RBA the flavour is far superior for a pod system. The RBA has been my favourite for flavour and clouds, and I love that I can build a coil to suit my tastes. For power and performance, I give the Smoant Pasito a 8.5/10. The only thing that could be improved upon is a larger battery capacity and a few changes to the RBA deck to make for easier building.

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