Now Available for Preorder: Turbine Tank, ROTOR Atomizer

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    Jan 11, 2018
    Now Available for Preorder: Eleaf ROTOR Atomizer
    The ROTOR tank is the first Eleaf atomizer that utilizes a turbine system in the new Eleaf HW-T coil. There is a small propeller in the HW-T coil head, which makes the Eleaf ROTOR tank unique. The propeller creates turbulence and swirl within the airflow. With this system, the vapor is more consistently distributed which in turns delivers a better flavor. The ROTOR atomizer also prevents spit back with the HW-T turbine catching the vapor droplets that aren’t properly atomized. The ROTOR is also solidly designed with a child resistant lock system to prevent accidental opening, while still having a convenient and easy top refilling system.

    Preorder the ROTOR atomizer today and get 10% off.

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