new orion plus coils suck!

Discussion in 'Open Pod Systems' started by VapingReaper27, Oct 8, 2019.

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    Aug 2, 2019
    Ive been wanting the orion go and saw the new orion plus and since ive been falling in love with lost vape i had to get it! i even ordered 2 of them! i use nic salts in them and ive been having issue's with the coils! both of them.... it just doesnt have that good of flavor at first it was great! and i really like the device! i use them for just in predicaments where i cant be chucking huge clouds and need a nic fix fast. but they seem to have been having wicking problems even with the airflow all the way open. im even thinking of trying the OG pods! i figure why not! especially if there not push flavor out. maybe its the nic salts? maybe 18 or 12mg freebase? idk just wondering if anyone else been having the same problem?

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