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    Jun 27, 2015
    Solub Arome Breakfast 6.5%
    RF SC Cotton Candy 0.5%
    FA Butter 0.5%
    RF SC Strawberry 3.5%
    JF Sweet Strawberry 3.5%
    FA Blackcurrant 0.5%

    A good couple of years ago there was a very popular UK Liquid called Joast by Craggy Juice. Never had it but I guessed it may be using Solub Arome breakfast so bought the solub concentrate and found it quite average, light toast and reasonable strawberry jam but nothing exciting.

    Over the last year I have tried a few other toast or jam concentrates including solub aromes plain toast which is proper toast....but tastes burnt..., vape train Australias Jam It which I thought was poor and most recently a couple of months or so ago Real Flavors version which personally I didnt get on with...the toast and jam is kind of all there, but only if you knew beforehand you were meant to be vaping that would you have a clue it was strawberry jam on toast, otherwise it was a jumbled mess.

    With all the jam monster clones coming out recently I decided to have another go myself at jam on toast and realised the first concentrate I had tried SA Breakfast was actually in retrospect by far the best so bought some more of it.

    I kind of built this around the recent diyordie clone/remix but with virtually all my own subs.

    SA Breakfast - Obviously for the toast element, which I wanted more in the background and a bit of strawberry there is there as well

    FA Butter - There for...the butter

    RF SC Cotton Candy - Apart from the likes of meringue, frosting or pear to sweeten I have only ever used vanillin or tpa sweetener before and neither have ever really worked. The real flavors concentrate does give me a proper sweet taste I have found without anything else, it's obviously here to sweeten the strawberries

    RF Strawberry/JF Sweet Strawberry/FA Blackcurrant - Blackcurrant to help try and give the cotton candy a bit of jam. JF Sweet Strawberry for me is probably the closest to a strawberry jam flavour strawberry as it tastes like strawberry syrup so I pushed it as high as I could, rf strawberry I chose over fa red touch to give a bit of a more realistic strawberry taste but not too much so like fa version.

    I have made a few jam on toast efforts and although I personally still dont get a proper jam, this is by far the best of my efforts.
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