Help with SS Alien coils ( 0.3*0.8mm ) + 32G

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    Aug 22, 2017
    Hi. This is my second thread and I'm in need of just a small amount of expert info.

    Dual coils

    I'm building my own coils using premade alien wire as stated in the title.

    I've built them as spaced coils because they obviously work better that way. (At least that's what's seemingly correct ) bit being bulky coils its kind of a win lose situation. But none the less I'm very happy with them.

    I've made some at 6 wraps and 8 wraps so far.

    6 wraps - 0.14 cool then up to 0.18 after a few fires of them which I know is normal.

    8 wraps - 0.17 to 0.2 when fired.

    My temp is set to 250°c and I'm at 80 watts.

    My question is.
    Is that power enough to release full flavour or should I go past 100 maybe as far as 120 or is that too high for SS regardless of the ohms?

    My coils are working well and have been set up pretty good with a purple colour on the edges going into a brassy colour after I prepped them before wicking with cotton bacon v2 so I'd also like to know if that's a good colour to get etc

    Thank you!

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