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    May 11, 2015
    Hi everyone. I am a long time vaper. I was working on a programming solution for a client the other day and it was a mix of retail and manufactured items. I developed a point of sales system years ago and have maintained it. Recently I added an ERP solution to my portfolio. As I was joining the two for the client I was vaping and it dawned on me that the eliquid/vape shop business can benefit from this. I am by no means trying to sell something...yet. I would like feedback on the functionality of the software as well as the potential market for it.

    Recipe creation/tracking/management
    Inventory/purchase/shipment control
    Cost per batch tracking labor and materials
    Batch/lot ingredient tracking
    Financial reporting/management
    Point of sale for retail shop
    Order entry for wholesale online sales/possible integration with a website
    Supplier entry/tracking/connection
    Purchase management
    Customer management.

    This can benefit your business as it would encompass every part of your business and take away alot of paperwork. Once I get the functionality hammered out I will put together a demo for those of you who want to beta it. Beta is 100%free and discounted when we go to release. I figure this could help especially with the looming regulations. If I am mistaken you can let me know.

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