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    Jun 16, 2019
    Alright y’all,

    Gunna do a review on probably my new every day go-to atomizer. Not necessarily my favorite of all time but definitely up there.

    The DJV RDTA


    First off. This is not an RTA!! Everyone has always complained about how little capacity this thing has. Well it wasn’t designed to be a TANK! It was designed to be an RDA with a little bit extra capacity. Directly quoting Adrian himself and honestly it’s the perfect amount. One fill up gets me pretty much 1-2 good smoke breaks before filling up again. Obviously I carry my juice with me but it stays at my desk or in my bag. I can fill up and go. And not have to worry about dripping every 5-10 puffs. If I had to take a rough estimate I would say 30-40(3-5sec) drags. Maybe I’ll have to do an experiment and try that out. More to come.

    The Deck:

    The build deck is very versatile and not too bad to look at either. The quality is definitely there with the gold plated posts with not just 4, but 6 post holes. Many different variations you can do with this. It’s very accommodating with how you can arrange your coils in it. I personally use the lower two and the upper inners as you can see. You could use the upper 4 or even just outer upper 2 for really wide 7-10 coils builds.

    The tank and wicking:
    The tank can be a bit tricky to wick getting the lengths of the tails just right. You don’t want them touching the bottom but not too high either. Good thing is all you have to do is take the bottom of the tank off and you can easily wick the tails through the holes with your tweezers and manicure and trim as needed. Honestly one of the most important parts of re-wicking. Really have to thin trim and fluff out the tails that are in the tank portion so they don’t clog. Also ensure they don’t cover over the holes for the juice fills.


    The juice fill is super easy and very convenient. Takes literally no strategy or effort just put the tip of your bottle into the hole, push down, and squeeze until full.

    Final thoughts:

    Honestly this has to be one of the best tanks that not a lot of people use or use to full potential. It has become a staple of my arsenal and probably will for the foreseeable future. It has a lot longer smoke time without refilling than an RDA yet smokes and can be dripped on just as one. It’s easier to wick than most RTAs (which I’ve had terrible experience with) and it DOESN'T LEAK AT ALL!!!

    Easy build deck
    No leakage
    EXCELLENT flavor
    Quality product
    Bottom air flow
    Aesthetically pleasing
    Mechanical mod compatibility


    2ml tank
    24mm (subjective)
    Non adjustable bottom airflow

    Overall a must try recommendation for those of you who love RDAs but hate carrying you’re juice around with you at all times especially those big 120ml!! Hope anyone who hasn’t tried this goes out and picks one up! You won’t be disappointed I’ve tried the DJV RDA and now the RDTA and I have to say! It won’t let you down!

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