40% +10% OFF! #DesireDesign Mod & Pod, Code Only Now! Save$$ !

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    Jul 4, 2018
    Hello VU guys!

    You know Desire Design? The manufacturer of some legend mod devices like the RAGE, CUT SQUONK....we've got tons of support with much appreciation.

    Well, it seems few of guys know that we are having BIG Promotions for a thank-you purpose!! Seriously, as big as you can't find a better offer anywhere else!

    40% OFF for the Cut220 Premium Starter Kit, thank-you price by code: 40OFFCUTVU
    10% OFF for the new-released More Pro Pod Kit, thank-you price by code: 10OFFMOREPRO

    Limited quantity for these kits, saving much more $$! Chance is here, if not now, when?
    Don't Miss It!
    Spread it out!

    Thank you very much!
    Desire Design Team

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